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Velocity is dedicated to providing all investors with a trusted, reliable, and secure means to access the digital asset markets.

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About Our Offerings

Velocity is a US-based financial technology company providing solutions to investors in the digital asset markets. Through our products and services, we are developing an ecosystem that promotes deeper liquidity and offers investors a means to transact in these assets in a manner they would expect from existing, developed markets.

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Our Experience

We are a team with decades of experience working in leading technology, financial services, and investment firms. We leverage our past experience to provide investors with exciting solutions that serve the growing digital asset markets.

Secure Operations

Digital asset markets are a relatively new asset class. We utilize innovative technologies and work within existing frameworks and guidelines to ensure that investors have the same confidence in their transactions as they would in existing, mature markets.


We view ourselves as partners with investors transacting in digital assets. We seek to offer every investor a secure and reliable means to access and transact in digital markets.

ShortHop, powered by Velocity

ShortHop connects with multiple liquidity providers and exchanges to streamline the investment process. ShortHop's aggregated liquidity simplifies investor's ability to source favorable prices.

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